Database Security Training

Course Objectives:

This training aims to train the participants to minimize security gaps in databases like MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and MongoDB and on how to manage database security. Also, the main goal is to ensure data privacy and detect internal threats.

Course Benefits:

  • Database Structures
  • RDBMS Concept (MS SQL,MySQL) and Security
  • Secure Database Installation
  • Security Configurations
  • Database Communication Protocols
  • Identity Management of Database Users
  • User Management Security Measures Required to be Taken and Followed on Database Systems
  • User Activities and Auditing of Activities
  • Attacks towards Database Users
  • Password Management, Password Security, Points to Consider
  • Password Attacks
  • Attacks Targeting Databases
  • Security Solutions for Databases
  • Taking Database Logs
  • MongoDB Security
  • Measures against Data Leaks
  • Detecting Abuse Activities on Databases
  • Secure Development of Database Applications, Encrypting / Masking Critical Data

Course Prerequisites

IT Security Officers, Auditors, Security Experts, Site Managers and everyone working on network infrastructure.

Method and Duration

In-classroom and online, 3 days

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