Training of the Digital Trainer with Netaş Expertise

As a result of today’s changing and transforming conditions, trainings are moving from physical classrooms into virtual classroom environments. With “Training of the Digital Trainer”, we aim to convey to the participants the complete knowledge and equipment required to become an effective trainer not only in the classroom, but also in the virtual environment.

Purpose of the Training

We aim to support and guide people as they progress through their teaching careers so that they can develop necessary competencies to become sufficient trainers.

Benefits of the Training

With the program, we will shed light on the foundations of adult learning theory and instructional design models, needs analysis, facilitation, learning objectives, use of techniques and materials, and assessment and evaluation methods. We will also provide participants with information about making an influence on learners on stage and in the virtual environment as well as training storification. At the end of the training, the participants will have the opportunity to put their newly build knowledge into practice through self-prepared presentations, and they will also be able to discover their current skills and areas of improvement through instant feedback. Detailed participant reports are also available upon corporate request.

Training Content

  • Challenges in Online Training
  • Using Virtual Platform Tools
  • Live Broadcast Stance
  • Technical Agility
  • Why First Impression is Critical
  • Importance of a Strong Opening and Closing
  • The Magic of Interaction
  • Facilitation
  • Making Training Fun
  • Making Training Memorable
  • Appropriate Use of Icebreakers, Relevant Workshops
  • Making Participants Believe in Outcomes
  • Horizontal and Vertical Coaching
  • Open-Ended Questions
  • Right Moves in Moments of Crisis
  • Continuing Training in Challenging Conditions
  • Recognition
  • Preparation Process
  • Time Management
  • Creating Training Content
  • Avoiding Boring Presentations

Who can participate in the program?

Persons who work or plan to work as internal trainers in their organizations, academicians, training designers, trainers who do not have training formation, and those who want to improve themselves about current trends.

Method and Duration

4 Days

Face-to-face or live virtual classroom (Optional)

Microsoft Teams

Competencies to be acquired by the end of training

To understand the characteristics of adult training, to learn and develop the competencies of a successful trainer, to design the format and tools used for providing an effective training, to understand the importance of coaching in training and develop relevant skills, to understand and develop the basics of effective presentation in training. Other competencies covered include making training more comfortable, natural, persuasive, interesting, inspiring and systematic, incorporating emotions into communication while conveying messages, understanding and developing ways to turn training into an interactive structure, and recognizing the necessary principles of human relations in training.

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