Next generation training partner for future technologies

n-telligent institute offers a lifelong learning opportunity through its training programs. All programs are designed with new generation tech trends to rapidly respond to the ever-changing requirements of the digital transformation.

Netaş has training programs for both current leaders and future leaders. While the competencies of current leaders are increased with the dynamic projects ‘Leadership Journey’ and ‘New-Age Leadership’, leadership abilities are already being built for the leaders of the future.

In 2021, Netaş employees successfully completed technical and soft-skill trainings at different levels, each more effective than the other. In addition, thousands of different trainings in hundreds of different categories were offered to Netaş employees through online learning platform partner Linkedin Learning.

Netaş employees received more than 100,000 hours of training in total in the past year. More than $150,000 was spent in 2021 for educational activities, which average 58 hours per person.

n-telligent institute, the learning center carried out by Netaş, brings in the following aspects;

Cultivating the leading engineers. Working with competent R&D ICT instructors.  Offering content from the main shareholder ZTE’s technology. Raising human resources compatible with the pace of technology. Supporting employees’ development via Assessment Center. Offering hybrid learning system management solutions. Brings in new content to satisfy the the expectations of generations Y and Z.

  • n-telligent institute' Programs

    Technology and Soft Skill Training Programs

    New generation technology training programs designed thanks to the engineering competencies of Netaş:

    Mobility, 5G, BI, AI, machine learning, cyber-security, agile management, software testing, software development, data analytics and data science.

    Within the framework of soft skill trainings; leadership, conflict management, coaching, effective communication, team management, problem solving, sales and strategy are being offered.

    n-telligent institute is offering the trainings programs both online and in-class. Thanks to its proficient and expert instructors who are competent in both ICT tech trends and soft skills.

  • Post-Graduate and Doctorate Programs

    BAU-NETAŞ Techno Academy Post-Graduate and Doctorate Programs

    Bahçeşehir University “BAU-NETAŞ Techno Academy” Computer Engineering Post-Graduate and Doctorate program, began in 2014 in cooperation with Bahçeşehir University. BAU academicians prepared the curriculum of the program with contributions by Netaş engineers. Some classes are taking place in Netaş R&D laboratories distinguishes the program among its peers.


    The program which was initially developed solely for Netaş employees, opened to all ICT professionals in 2018, with the purpose of making it a sustainable model of academy-industry cooperation. Bahçeşehir University, Dean of Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty, Universities that focus on public interest have been the birthplace for science and ideas behind the development of technologies since the beginning. Through their support, the industry hosted centers where technologies emerged and improved, fine tunings were made in optimum efficiency. Netaş, cooperating with 18 universities in Turkey for R&D activities, takes part in technology training with n-telligent institute that enhances the connection between universities and the industry.

    Contribution of Netaş Experience and Expertise to the Program

    • Students benefit from the world’s leading laboratories in their fields,
    • Experts attend classes to demonstrate the exercises, some classes are directly taught by Netaş engineers,
    • Students are introduced to experienced engineers and benefit from networking opportunities.

  • Internship Programs

    As Netaş we are passionate to build a better future through technology. With our focus in innovativeness, our primary goal is relaying our know-how to new generations and raising them with the competency that the ecosystem requires.

    We have two internship programs aiming to bring new talent to Netaş and the industry; CooP which is focusing in R&D field and EDgile, the MT program.

    Primarily, we aim to provide industry experience to students equipped with a solid scientific foundation in university and to enable them seeing clearly which area they want to work in. Our trainees get a chance to experience the corporate culture first-hand via participating in projects carried out by Netaş. As a result, one-fifth of new graduates begin working full-time at Netaş.

    In our high-tech learning center n-telligent institute, we aim to train successful students in engineering and other areas to lead them to be the future leaders. We also support Y and Z generations in creating awareness to let them make the right discoveries and take part in setting goals.

n-telligent institute General Assembly Members

A Training Ecosystem Weaved in Cooperation


Doç Dr. Ecmel Ayral
Boğaziçi University & İstanbul Bilgi University


Barhan Özce
Boğaziçi University


Prof. Dr. Nafiz Arıca
Bahçeşehir University


n-telligent institute content partner Harvard Business Review

World’s prestigious business and administration magazine Harvard Business Review has been leading and guiding the management and providing practical and real solutions to business world’s key problems. Harvard Business Review’s aim is to be the source of ultimate ideas to guide the business World for creating, managing, and transforming. It stands out as the world’s unrivaled management magazine, as a reliable source of information for all kinds of situations faced by executives since 1922,

HBR covers a wide range of subjects, like leadership, organizational change, negotiation, strategy, business management, marketing, finance and people management, and addresses senior executives who have become authorities in the business World with their meticulous analyses, elaborate work and experience.

The contents of HBR has the important feature of being easily adaptable, applicable to life and can be tested in the real business World. Harvard Business Review Turkey continues to support n-telligent institute as a content partner with innovative and illuminating articles specially compiled for the n-telligent institute.

n-telligent institute trainers are trained by Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie Academy is among the world’s leading training institutions developing careers of world scale professionals with its pioneering approach for more than a century. The institution has supported Netaş instructors in creating an educational vision, preparing their training programs, and developing the necessary skills for effective training with the “Training the Trainer” certificate program.

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